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The Faster than the Pastor A Journey to the Cross was created inside of Vigeo, Inc., as an effort to bring our faith community collectively together, celebrating our vibrancy as passionate people, individuals and businesses inside of the Catholic church.


The mission of the Faster than the Pastor, A Journey to the Cross is to contribute to a renewed growth of the Catholic faith across the United States, spreading the good news of the Gospel through community, evangelization and health advocacy.  Bringing together the works of our hands and feet to support the excellence of our local Catholic schools, individuals in business and in professional roles.  To flourish, to thrive and be active, inspiring all to grow in their relationship with Christ.


Becoming a Faith Sponsor will provide an opportunity to showcase your business to thousands of Catholics throughout our local diocese, and in the near future a national presence. The sponsorship will identify your companies broader commitment to our advancement as a collective group of practicing Catholics.  Sponsors will enjoy a range of benefits articulated on subsequent PDF documents.


While financial support may be challenging for your business, Vigeo, Inc., and Faster than the Pastor, A Journey to the Cross would happily accept your services, or non-cash support that most certainly can suffice as sponsorship dollars!  


Insterested in learning more about becoming a Faith Sponsor?  

Please contact Pam@vigeoinc.com or call 612-940-3149

Event Details

Date: November 12th, 2016



St Michael & St Mary's - Stillwater


Registration / Packet Pick-up:

Friday Nov 11th 4:30-7:30pm

Event Day, 7-8:15AM


Event Start Time: 8:30AM


Register for PETER THE ROCK Event Series for the MOST chances to win a trip for two to the Holy Land


Register for DOUBTING THOMAS Single Entry for Qucker than the Vicar by Oct 30th for BEST RATE of $34.95




Quicker than the Vicar 2016/2017 Sponsors

Generation Endurance - Working to empower todays youth through physical activity, powerful nutrition and character development

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